Sara R.
I wanted to include non-volunteer, personal experience too, but for now I left that out. Admittedly, I should have another piece to add here, but I kind've shot myself in the foot.

Professional experience:

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
New Jersey Senior Mentor and New York City/New Jersey FIRST Webmaster.
  • Provided resources and communication to teams in area.
  • Developed online content for new website.
  • Co-wrote, designed, and edited bi-monthly e-newsletter.
  • Created, edited, and maintained all 2007-2008 photographs, content, and layout.
  • Produced materials for outreach presentations.
  • Developed effective communication strategies for both teams and New Jersey and New York City Planning Committees.

Volunteer for FIRST program in New Jersey.
  • Developed online visual identity for New York City/ New Jersey FIRST website.
  • Produced online visual materials for corporate presentations.
  • Created original, interactive content for NYC/NJ FIRST website.

Volunteer Work:

"Alex" the Movie, MCCC TV4 Class
Co-Web Designer and Developer

  • Designed original UI experience similar to the iPhone.
  • Designed outer interface and digital graphics.
  • Created cohesion between site content provided and site content created.
  • Recipient of Web Design II Information Architecture and Popular Vote awards.

Mu Beta Psi (National Honorary Music Fraternity)
Brother of Pi Chapter, Rutgers University. Web developer and designer.
  • Developed website architecture and overall content presentation.
  • Designed content layout and website layout
  • Created original content - bio pages, site map, etc.

US FIRST Robotics Team, Hightstown, NJ
6-year mentor of Hightstown High School’s FIRST Robotics team.
  • Trained students in Adobe Photoshop, and HTML.
  • Advised and edited updates to team website.
  • Edited team newsletter, award application essays, student scholarship essays, and promotional materials.
  • Designed all official team uniform logos, button graphics, 2008 and 2009 website Flash header.
  • Co-wrote content and advised students on content writing for team website. Former student leadership member.
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  1. Robert Brown Says:

    Wow! Killer resume... when do you have time to sleep? Anyway, you're probably aware it's kind of long. You'd probably be able to fit it on one page but it might look cramped. I'd suggest possibly combining some bulleted items into one. I'd also suggest editing for specific jobs: instead of appearing to be a jack-of-all-trades, be a master of one... I don't know if that's good advice, ask Meg.

  2. Carl Baus Says:

    As others have stated, you have an awesome resume with tons of experience. I checked out your site and it looks great. You should have no problem getting a job in the Web Design field. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  3. I think you're resume is awesome. Simple, concise, and varied in experience.

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