Sara R.
I thought about this for a while. Literally, I sat there staring at my Flickr trying to figure out what unifying pieces I have. I know I spoke with Meg in class about the fact that I'm both messy and organized, that I like the mixture of clean, concise code, and the disorder of art and collage and montage, so I thought that maybe that was my unifying element. But I also like boxes, WAY to much, so there's that too.

I use the color black a lot, and the times I don't, I have a tendency to over use bright colors in exchange. I like overlap and subtle pattern use. Almost EVERY design has some sort of overlapping quality, like the boggle blocks over the text box, like the Hayley pictures overlapping a pattern background, like the dolls on top of grungy backdrops, etc.

But I've also grown to like gradients, gloss, and 3D. The Alex project is, hell, an iPhone, that's as glossy and gradient as you can get. Even the Chanel redesign project has gradients on top of the tabs, but it implements a pattern in the Chanel logo and background, and in the imagery I chose to show. And the new design of my robotics team site is gradients, gloss, and 3D logos.
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