Sara R.
// Me Stuff //
5 things that you love to do
robotics, play in Photoshop, spend time with friends, write, read, though I can't often find the time

5 things that you hate to do
homework, paperwork, laundry and other chores, design based on other people's "good ideas", and babysit, as in, when people are supposed to be working on a task, having to sit there and make sure they get it done.

5 things you are proud of in your life
my robotics team, winning the information architecture 2008 hacker award, my web design reputation, some of my art skills - more specifically my pixel art, getting a perfect score at the Mercer County Teen Arts Festival with my flute choir back in high school

5 things you are good at
learning new software, photo manipulations, writing good, helpful tutorials, pixel art, web design and coding

5 things that make you unique
my broad range of knowledge, my ability to network without being intimidated, my outgoing nature, my design aesthetic, and my quirkiness - i know I'm a little weird, but I'm okay with that.

5 adjectives that describe you
weird, fun, spunky, creative, smart

// Work Stuff //
5 adjectives that describe your work
original, inspiring, bold, smart, clean

5 topics your work deals with
suicide/depression, robotics, art portfolios, vector-styled graphic design, pop culture

the media you use in your work
Photoshop - photo manipulation and pixel work, pencil sketches, Dreamweaver and Notepad2 (text coding)

Colors that you use most often
silver, black, red, blue

5 emotions your work conjures
passion, excitement, shock, pride, joy

Titles of the work you would like to highlight
"Alex" the movie
Paperdoll v. Riot
Paperdoll v. mixed up memories
Paperdoll v. Boggle

// Job Stuff //
5 adjectives to describe the kind of company you'll work for
modern, creative, casual, involved, original

5 adjectives to describe the kind of boss you'd like to have
fun, inspired, creative, professional, encouraging

5 things you will have to do for your job
design, network, program, develop, communicate

5 words describing your industry
creative, original, intuitive, descriptive, helpful

List the reasons your job exists
need for communication, creating a visual identity, product sales, providing a flow of information
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