Sara R.
A List Apart
A List Apart is genius. No joke. It's got all kinds of cool "make it work" code stuff, and some really interesting design pieces.

Crazy Leaf Design Blog
This site isn't much for content, but it has a lot of great resources. Some cool wallpapers, downloadable icons, Wordpress themes, cool stuff.

Design Reviver
They have LONG posts, for sure, but I never left their site feeling like I hadn't learned something. They actually spell out, with helpful instructions and images how to do things like, build your own custom wordpress theme, how to slice images, and even provide other resources that they stumble over, like their newest jQuery color picker. And, this is good for me, because I have a hard time being out of the box with things like Javascript, since I can't code it yet.

You the Designer
Freebies, resources, tutorials. You name it, they got it. All about things to make your life as a designer easier.

W3C Q&A Weblog
As a web deisgner, w3c is kind of my home. No joke, I send my students there for reference questions, I was even on there yesterday trying to figure out why IE and Firefox interpret <li> tags in two different ways. So, having somewhere that the developers of w3c post all their ramblings? pure gold. talk about staying ahead of the crowd.
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