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Everyone should have heard me talk about robotics at one point or another by now...And, if you haven't, it's all over my blog.

Now's the part where I ask you all for help.

One of the many elements of our competition is the "Best Website Award." Teams submit their websites to be reviewed and graded by volunteers. Any team receiving over an 80 receives a Website Excellence Award, and one team at every regional competition receives the Best Website Award.

Those winners then go on to compete for the Championship Best Website Award.

I'm the lead Website Evaluator Advisor for the NJ Regional competition, and I'm looking for other evaluators that are willing to help me. It's not a terrible amount of time - reviewing about 20 websites in 10 days.

Judging is simple, there's a basic checklist of information that teams are given. I just need people to help me score sites. Here's a basic overview of what a Website Evaluator is/does.

I only have until February 12th to get all of my volunteers registered in VIMS! If you're interested in participating please go sign up here:

In the center of the page there is a starburst image that says "Sign me Up!" Click it and follow the directions carefully. Make sure you choose the "FIRST Robotics Competition - Events" option, then choose "New Jersey Regional" as your competition, and check off the "Website Evaluator" volunteer position.

Please leave me a comment if you have any more questions/concerns.
If you all sign up, you'll have fewer websites to judge, and I'll know my students are getting the best evaluations I can give them.

Thanks in advance.
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