Sara R.
My best portfolio piece, believe it or not, I still think is my current site layouts.

Yes, both of them. Not to say that I haven't learned more, or I don't think I need a site revamp, but I like the color schemes, I like the playful nature of the art side versus the more serious, more grungy focus of the web side. I think it reveals a lot about what makes me tick, what makes me happy, and what I need in my life.

I think it shows my strength with different digital mediums, from the development side - html and css versus xhtml with javascript, to the design side - pixel art design versus photo manipulations. It shows my ability to create out of the box designs, as they are both VERY different, and yet, both me.

The splash page is...not so great, but it could be worse. I think, if I'm going to change some pieces to make it better for my portfolio it would be redesigning the chick at the top of the art page so she's ENTIRELY my pixel work, rather than a base body from someone else, but clothes, hair, etc. by me. I think I'd also like to get rid of some pages, and reorganize some others on my art page.

Plus, hell, I haven't updated in a year. That might help.
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