Sara R.
Okay, so...I had a really hard time figuring out what to include here.
I've done a ton of web work - several layouts for my own personal use, designs for friends' sites, designs for clients, volunteer work, and all that jazz, but I am nervous about how that all fits together to show who I am as a designer.

I like to be a jack of all trades - it makes me glad to know video editing, and lots of programs, and lots of languages, so I want my portfolio to at least LIST that I'm capable of all those things, but FOCUS on web stuff. Because that's what I am the most excited about, and the career I'd like to pursue.

So it goes like this:

HERE is the web work I think I'd like to include:

Current Projects / In Progress:
New Portfolio design
MCCC Drama/Theater Dept. Website

NJ State Museum Rising Tide ExhibitNJ State Museum "Rising Tide" Virtual Exhibit
Create a visual pre-experience website for the "Rising Tide" exhibit to be displayed April 2009. Designer on Information Architecture team. Discussing implementing student to student navigation page with main focus of education. Strong desire to create pre- and post- visit experience for teachers in K-12 environment.

CSS Zen Garden SubmissionCSS Zen Garden Submission "Buttons"
Design fully-customizable css page to show strong graphic design sense. Create a modern, current generation, out-of-the-box design for CSS Zen Garden gallery. Generate strong design portfolio piece for well-recognized and respected website.

Team Mercury 1089 ReDesignHHS FIRST Team Mercury 1089 Redesign
Revamp 2006 website layout to be "Web 2.0" stylized. Redesign flash header with improved Actionscript coding. Develop cohesive virtual identity consistent with team ideals and mission. Implement new gallery script.

Volunteer Work:

Alex the Movie"Alex" the Movie
Movie trailer on YouTube

Dolling Community Websites
Aqueous inToxicated Destynd to Defy

Mu Beta PsiMu Beta Psi

Professional Work:

Personal Work:

Strong Classwork
Flash website Build a FIRST Robot
Strong Site Layouts
v. Hayley v. color me beautiful v. boggle

And then I struggled to decide if I wanted to include some other graphic design work. Maybe mention a spot of 3D Modeling stuff, mention my pixel work, some video stuff... I also have some really good interactive flash pieces that I want to show.

I wasn't sure either, how to talk about the languages and specific coding things that are strong with each piece. Because, for me, I think my claim to fame is that I'm a good designer, but I also have a strong programming background behind me.

I'm not sure, I'm afraid I'm a little all over the place?
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