Sara R.

InToxicated - Viewing this website may be hazardous to your health sanity.

Project: to create a website for a student pixel artist. Designed in Photoshop CS3 after meeting with the client. We decided on the name "InToxicated" for her site, and the color scheme of black and pink. Images were created using vectors and illustrations. Coded in Dreamweaver 8 and Notepad2.

Initial drafts were created in a Firefox frame in Photoshop, playing with color modes (overlay and screen) to format the pink shapes in the corner. Monotone images were then masked inside the colored boxes to create the "cut out" look of the bottles and waste container. Some edges were cleaned up using the brush tool - and probably should be cleaned and masked again using the pen tool.

Should consider transferring into InDesign or Illustrator to turn raster based images into 1-color vectors to create a more cohesive piece of work.

Box frames were added second to identify the two major sections of the page - the navigation and the body. Catch phrase was added last to tie the two pieces together. Content coding was done second based on initial Photoshop sketches and color scheme, and text formatting was finished last. Link color was decided last based on the weight of the text color.

I was actually surprisingly impressed with this piece, and the ability to come up with something that created an identity with almost no information to start. I was more disappointed when she never went live with her site, than I was with the design process. It's a little boxy, but it's not too bad - it's at least broken up with some choppy design elements.
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