Sara R.

InToxicated: Pixel Artist Portfolio (2007)
Objective: to create a website for a student pixel artist. Designed from only the title "InToxicated" and a pink/black color scheme.
Designed in: Photoshop CS3.
Coded in: Dreamweaver 8 and Notepad 2.

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Initial drafts were created in a Firefox frame in Photoshop, playing with color modes (overlay and screen) to format the pink shapes in the corner. Monotone images were then masked inside the colored boxes to create the "cut out" look of the bottles and waste container.

Box frames were added second to identify the two major sections of the page - the navigation and the body. Catch phrase was added last to tie the two pieces together.

Content coding was done after the completed design, and text formatting was finished last. Link color was decided last based on the weight of the text color.
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