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So with this whole web 2.0 thing being huge, I wanted to try and come up with five concepts that provided the user with some interactivity. Even when you go for an interview for college or whatever and you bring a fine arts portfolio, the other person at least has something to flip/click through. I also am a big fan of creating 3 dimensional space on websites - using things like "poster tape" to create depth, creating the illusion of 3D. So that was my basis behind my 5 concepts.

1. Cardboard box -
Okay, so I have a bad tendency to design in boxes. So I wanted to throw myself out of the box, literally. I really liked Thibaud's Portfolio
2. A messy desk -
Kind of like OkayDave, but not as messy. He has EVERY part of that surface covered. I'd like maybe 6 or so elements: a computer screen, a mouse, a keyboard, a few fun stationary objects about my personality, etc. Click the computer screen, get a slideshow of screencaps. Click the keyboard, get information about my coding skills, click the...I don't know, photo of me, get my bio & resume. Click the mouse, get some silly mouse dance. Who knows.

3. Postered Wall -
Along the same lines of OkayDave, but mixed with my Cuttersclub design. Using more poster tape, some pieces falling off the wall, some pieces movie poster sized, some pieces magazine sized. Each piece could have some specific design element linking it to the information, which could pop up in a lightbox.

4. Find me! -
I'm okay with there being hidden elements, as long as the major stuff (ie resume, contact) are easy to find. But I don't know, maybe it'd be fun to have pop up divs that you have to look for. Like, the site I did for "Build your Own Robot" When you clicked on a gear, like "Base" a whole section of transparent images that you could click. Once clicked, the large version would appear on the screen and you could drag it around to position it yourself.

5. Tabs -
I liked the tabbed concept I did for my Flash website, and the Chanel redesign. I think it's a sleek, yet interesting way to break up the content. And, the tabs could be different sizes, or different materials or something like that.
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