Sara R.
Now that my shoulder works again...

I think I'd like to pursue a career in web design and development. I've always been a bit of a geek - I like coding; I like learning new coding languages; I spend hours a day on the Internet (no joke). But, I also have this artsy, creative side of me that I just don't want to let go of. I have fun drawing up new sketches for new websites, and drawing in Photoshop just never felt like work.

But, I'm also a little kid at heart. I like watching Disney Channel, and playing on websites designed for kids (like the MOMA's Destination Modern Art site - SO cool!). I thought about teaching kids, really young ones, like preschool age, but then, I like working with high school students too, and even working with my college-aged peers.

So then, I thought about teaching, both in a preschool and maybe as an adjunct professor somewhere. Or, maybe just as an adjunct professor and a full-time web designer. The latter is what I'm going to focus on for now, at least, until I graduate.
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